We have a vibrant and enthusiastic staff. They are passionate about ensuring our students reach their potential. Our staff have four values that guide us at Boulder Primary School. They are:

Integrity – The quality of being honest and upholding high ethical standards

Compassion – Being supportive and accepting of all in a calm and patient manner

Innovation – Having the flexibility and courage to embrace change

Dedication – Demonstrating a strong work ethic through commitment, initiative and passion


Teacher name:

Support Staff:



Extra Roles

Dorothy McKee   Principal   Line Manager support & admin staff
Ashley Ferguson   Deputy   Line Manager Senior Phase
Donna Shepherdson   Deputy   Line manager Junior Phase
Inara Barnard Michelle Walters Tjitjiku 1 Mon-Tues


Junior Phase leader
Inara Barnard Michelle Walters

Fulu Sheck

Tjitjiku 2 Wed


Karen Ritchie Michelle Crudeli

Chloe Cappello

Shaeli Roche Ana-Lisa Braven PPB    
Deborah Newman Terese Robbins

Colleen Johnson

Year 1 Mon, Tues, Wed.  
Jennie McMeeken Terese Robbins Year 1 Thurs & Friday

Room 9 – Wed.

Well Being Leader
Clementine Covich Anthea Woods Year 2    
Mel Skinner Casey Hall

Coleen Johnson

Year 2    
Mitchell Harland Chloe Cappello Year 3    
Melissa Wilson Fulu Sheck Year 3   Maths Leader
Siska Bodington Isaiah Barrett Year 4   Upper phase leader
April Reading Isaiah Barrett Year 4/5    
Awhina Horomia Isaiah Barrett Year 5/6    
Kaitlin Azzam Isaiah Barrett Year 6   Literacy Leader
Megan Irving Isaiah Barrett Year 5   HASS Leader
Mike Donohue   Phys. Ed & Health   PE & Health Leader
Sue Dee   Science   STEM Leader
Mitchell Walker   Performing Arts   PA Leader
Michelle Martin Judie Clarke (AIEO) Kindilink M,T,Th. (am)  
Michelle Martin Sheralee Byrnes Kindy


Wed. & Friday


Marlene Fry   Speech Wednesday  
Jordi Doughty   Room 14 Tuesday Relief Fridays
  Daryl Virgo Room 5 Mon – Thurs MacqLit
  Donna Appleton Room 5 Mon – Thurs MacqLit
  Trish Gerardi     AIEO
  Regina Walter     AIEO
  Des Anderson     AIEO
  Deb Bishop Library Tues – Thurs Library Officer
  Colin Rodgers     Gardener
  Bev Streets     Head Cleaner
  Heather Giblin     Cleaner
  Wendy Horan     Cleaner
  Cathy Bratton     Relief Cleaner