Siska Katzen has been a teacher at Boulder Primary School since 2017. Her passion is working with children and families. Since teaching at Boulder Primary School, she have worked in numerous leadership positions and taught in a variety of year groups.

Siska is the Learning Support Coordinator at Boulder Primary School. She has embedded the Students at Educational Risk Policy and monitors students who have been identified at educational risk. Siska assists teachers in identifying students who might require intervention and direct appropriate support, while working with all stakeholders and allied health professionals involved. In her role, she also assists teachers in creating Individual Educational Plans, Behaviour Support Plans and Social and Emotional Support Plans.

When not at work, Siska enjoys spending time with family and taking out her camper van for short and long trips, exploring new places and finding a good view that never disappoints. A movie and popcorn night to unwind after a long week at work is also one of her favourite things to do.