Enrolment Policy and Procedures

Enrolment decisions in public schools are made in accordance with the School Education Act (1999) and Department of Education policy, on criteria based on age, residential location, visa status and educational needs.

Who Should Complete the Enrolment Form?

Parents who are defined in the School Education Act 1999 as persons who at law have responsibility for the long term care, welfare and development of the child; or the day-to-day care, welfare and development of the child.

Application and Eligibility

The school has accommodation for students whose families are residing within the boundary of the Boulder Primary School local intake area as determined by the Department of Education at the time the enrolment commences. Siblings are not assured enrolment at the school where the family is outside the school boundary at the time of the sibling’s enrolment. A separate enrolment form needs to be completed for each child.

Required Documentation

To assist the school to determine the student’s eligibility under local intake, the following documentation needs to be attached to the application for enrolment:

  • Proof of ownership of the property by the parent/s where the student will reside.
  • Where the family is in a rental property, a copy of the rental agreement/.

Parents are reminded that under the Education Act 1999, Division 2.20 “the Principal may cancel the enrolment if false or misleading information was given in the application.” It is a requirement that the school is informed immediately of any change of address. It is also a requirement that all the information provided is accurate.

Additional documents required at the time of enrolment:

  • a copy of the student’s Birth Certificate;
  • passports of the parents and the student if born overseas;
  • a copy of immunisation records (a requirement of the Department of Education). Parents of students vaccinated in Australia can request an Immunisation History Statement at any time by telephoning ACIR (Australian Childhood Immunisation Register) on 1800 653 809 (free call) or Emailing acir@humanservices.gov.au;
  • a copy of the most recent school report; and
  • Family Court orders or parenting plans registered with the Family Court.

Contact the front office on 9092 4100 for an enrolment form

Boulder Primary School Enrolment Form