Zones of Regulation, is an evidence-based framework and curriculum which provides a common language to support positive mental health and skill development for all students. Students learn to identify their state of emotion and are equipped with tools and strategies for self-regulation. The framework nurtures the development of skills and is supportive in nature.

The four zones are: red zone – used to describe extreme and intense emotions that may be exhibited through rage, anger or devastation; the yellow zone – used to describe a heightened state of alertness and elevated emotions such as, nervousness, excitement or, frustration, this is commonly recognized as the danger zone as it is possible for a person to ‘flip their lid’ and end up in the red zone if tools to self-regulate are not provided or recognised.  The green zone – this is the optimal state of alertness as people are happy, focuses and ready to learn. The blue zone is used to describe a low state of alertness and often presents itself as sad, depressed, sick or bored.

It is important for students to know that there are no bad zones, everyone experiences a range of emotions at some point in their life, the key at Boulder Primary School is to teach students how to communicate their emotions and, seek tools for ultimately, independent regulation.